Welcome from Potsdam … and Europe

When the European Union was founded as the European Economic Community in 1958, the idea was to be able to compete with the USA and the emerging east Asian industrial nations. Since then, it has undergone many changes, one being that by now it addresses every aspect of political agendas including social policies, foreign affairs, freedom of movement and consumer protection. It has become a progressive actor in questions of e.g. Human Rights, Equality, and Environmental Protection world wide.

The European idea is reflected in the group that joins in this project at Potsdam University: participants come from Scandinavia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, and Italy.

Yet, instead of the EEC’s main target – to be able to compete with the USA – this project is about cooperation, about learning from eachother, about intercultural curiosity, and about the idea that you need to see your world through someone else’s eyes for not overlooking what is as ‘natural’ and as invisible for us as water is for fish.


3 responses to “Welcome from Potsdam … and Europe

  1. As a person married to a man from the EU (Ireland) I am so glad you put it in writing that the goal was to compete with the US. I now understand why he is so competitive with me, joking. Having family in Ireland I understand in the 80’s, pre EU and post EU. I lived in Ireland when the Celtic Tiger really took off and have seen first hand how the growth of the EEC, including the huge ups and downs it has had , have had such a massive impact on the culture, politics, well actually almost every aspect of Irish life. Interested in learning more.


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