Evaluation/Performance Measures –

In the past  teacher evaluations in the United States were something done almost for the sake of doing.  They did not get published and they did not put a label on you.  Everything has changed and this has become a very hot topic in the US.
Legislation in 2009 caused many states to make changes to how teachers are evaluated.  the government proposed that this initiative would improve instruction.
The controversy came when evaluations will now take into consideration student achievement, as
measured by standardized scores, along with classroom observations.
Teachers now receive a label of ineffective, developing, effective or highly effect.  This rating, depending on state and local regulations, can determine anything from if you are going to continue teaching to possibly receiving a financial bonus. Teachers, parents, and communities around the country are voicing their concerns, some agree but it seems like the vast majority of people are not happy with the road we are on.

Here is an article that may help understand where we are in this process of change:



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  1. Our educational system in the United States has consistently experienced radical changes. Approximately every four years with the change of our presidential elections we {USA} experience changes that reflect different parts of education.
    The current changes that we are experiencing are focused on our teachers. Our teachers are evaluated using different rubrics that depend on the state, grade or school where they teach. Annual Professional Performance Reviews [APPR] are a form of this evaluation. Currently teachers are rated on a scale of 60/40 %. This means that teachers are rated 60% using face-to-face classroom observations by their administrators and 40% based on how their students perform on individual state assessments.

    The problem is that teachers are being assessed based on the student’s ability to meet grade and state level standards; and to predict how well students will improve over the school year. Unfortunately, there are many unpredictable events that affect students and their academic results. The problem is that teacher’s livelihoods are being affected by how well students can perform on a given day and not based on their growth for the beginning to the end of the school year.

    Teachers in the American school system are one profession that their salary is dependent not on what they know, their degrees, or their experience but based on the students ability to pass one test on a given day. Unfortunately, our government consistently makes changes in policy that don’t necessarily reflect the ability of the teacher. A certified teacher in America has to have a minimal of six years of college and take and pass a series of tests. So, clearly teachers have the knowledge to affect positive change in the schools.

    If our government continually focuses on students’ abilities to pass standardized tests this will force many educators to only want to teach in the more affluent neighborhoods and place students who live in poverty, students who have learning disabilities and students who speak English as a second language in an increased position to fail.

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