How to “fix” Bullying, Mobbing and Harrassing

Finding ways to correct the issues that surround bullying, harassment and mobbing is difficult. In the United States, It seems that whenever an incident takes place and receives the attention from local or national media outlets, a new law or regulation is created to help stop the problem. It seems that new laws and regulations are being implemented at blazing speeds and it is hard to stay current with the new rules and the modifications that have been made to previous rules.

The problem that seems to happen is that when new rules are implemented, new problems also take form. People having been finding ways to get around established rules or to find ways to “bend” the rules since the beginning of time. Today is no different with the concepts of bullying, harassment, and mobbing. New issues become compounded with the new and sometimes complicated laws and regulations that are put forth to help solve issues that have come up.

In education, it seems that best answer to the issues that surround bullying, harassment and mobbing is to not make more rules, but instead take proactive steps to stop these negative actions. School districts should spend more time and resources into creating and sustain character education programs that would teach students positive ways to interact and communicate with others. This should take place from early years to young adult years, and should be a mandate for all schools to incorporate within their curriculum for all grade levels.

If people learn from an early age positive ways to interact with others in our global society, there will be greater understanding of different cultural and personal beliefs. The more understanding we have of one another, the greater the chances are to lessen the amount of the negative personal attacks that happen, both physically and emotionally.

In Europe, do school systems take a more proactive approach or reactive approach to these issues? It will be interesting to compare the different and similar practices that surround how a person is educated in positive interactions with others.


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