John Oliver’s Take on Standardized Testing in America

Wow, he really “hits the nail on the head” with this narrative! I’ve never watched John Oliver before but he was captivating and I followed what he was saying with ease. I enjoyed the humor, because at times discussing the severity of these decisions and processes that have been implemented all across the U.S. can be quite sobering. I think the most eye-opening portion was the part which discussed how involved one company (Pearson) is in this process. I’m curious to know what their evaluation system is in their company!

Organizational and Institutional Change

On Last Week Tonight with John Oliver the debate over standardized testing in America was examined through a satirical lens which picked apart the shortcomings of an organization too reliant on unreliable testing. John Oliver used his brand of humor, a few well placed news clips, and the irony of an accountability system which fails to hold itself accountable to expose a system of testing and evaluation in our country that has fallen well short of the phrase “No Child Left Behind.”

I thought this video would be a great edition to a blog about Evaluation and Performance Measures because it provides a brief overview of why we have become so reliant on testing and how the testing data is being used. The sweeping reforms happening around the country, in part, represent the results of the collection and analyzing of this data. The education system in America is under scrutiny and in…

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One response to “John Oliver’s Take on Standardized Testing in America

  1. Loved this! I watch him every Sunday night, and what he presented about Standardized Testing really makes you think. I thought I knew most of it, but he pointed out some things that make me really second guess what we are doing.


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