50 Best Places to Work for New Dads

I just found an article on a website called Fatherly.com showing the 50 best places to work for new dads in the United States. Many of the companies are the same places that we are used to hearing about that have great employee relations on all fronts; including companies such as Google and Facebook. I also found a blog posted by Patrick Ball just a few weeks ago that also speaks to this 50 best places list. His perspective is that these companies are great places to work for new dads because they treat dads like moms, or actually, like parents. He outlines the types of things that these companies do to make themselves stand out as great places to work.  Included in that list are:

  1. Paid Leave—of the 50 companies on the list, all offer at least a week of paid paternity leave.
  2. Coaching—Mr. Ball mentions Twitter specifically, which fell at number 11 on the list. Twitter has roundtable discussions for the new fathers with opportunities to share experiences and best practices with other men. Goldman Sachs was also mentioned as providing coordinators for the soon to be fathers. The coordinators help to arrange flex time, plan leave time and maximize benefits.
  3. Child Care- Many of the employers on the 50 Best Place to Work for New Dads list offer care assistance benefits as a way to decrease stress.
  4. Work-Life Integration- Many companies offer flexible work arrangements or other benefits centering on balancing the responsibilities between work and home. Some companies offer work from home options all of the time, while others offer it as an option if an employee needs to stay home with a sick child. Some companies offer concierge services in a variety of capacities from shopping and home maintenance to vacation planning.
  5. Provider Dads- Google is top on the list in this area, offering 7 weeks of paid paternity leave as well as child care assistance. The company also takes care of an employee’s family in the event of an untimely death (paying 50 percent of the employee’s salary to the spouse for 10 years, vested stock options and $1000 per month for each child until he/ she turns 19 or 23, if full time students.

Mr. Ball jokingly says that the best companies to work for are the ones that treat dads like moms. He completes his article by restating this to say that the companies recognize that modern dads want to be engaged at work and at home; that life and families have evolved. It is great to see that there are companies out there that recognize this!

As a working mother, with a very supportive husband who is a hands-on, loving father, I find myself wishing that he worked for one of the companies on the list. I know my husband would’ve loved to have been home to participate in the day to day functioning after we brought each of our babies home; he really did not have that opportunity because he works in the business world that functions in the same way that it did 50 years ago. While he could’ve used Family Medical Leave, then there would’ve been the stress of where the money was coming in to pay the bills; how great it would’ve been to know that he would’ve continued to be paid, while also being able to be home helping the household adjust to a newborn baby. It is just interesting that there are companies that figure out ways to make it work. These companies are continuously on the lists of the best places to work, so, it must be true, but the question then becomes, why aren’t more companies following suit?


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