Why is lifelong learning (LLL) so popular in Europe?

One of the answers to this question above can be really easy. The decision No. 1720/2006/EC of the European Parliament on November 15, 2006 stated, that lifelong learning is officially a strategy for developing the European’s Union inhabitants. This act does not only constitute all establishments of LLL but also some other social and organizational aspects like equality, mobility, cooperation and supporting the exchange on every level.

The thing which made lifelong learning so popular is money. In the period between 2007 and 2013 (European Social Fund Operational Programme) the European Union allocated 6.97 billion EUR only for this goal. This action programme was divided into six sub-programmes, four of them were sectoral (Comenius – 13% of budget, Erasmus – 40%, Leonardo da Vinci – 25%, Grundtvig – 4%) the other two were the transversal programme and The Jean Monnet programme. From 2014 when the new operational programme was signed, these 6 programmes changed into one, called Erasmus +.  The budget for the goal of improving the educational site of society increased to 14.7 billion EUR.

In which ways is the UE budget used for LLL? A lot of the money goes to the students exchange programme, internships, apprentices, some special projects and also for trainings. The last one are the most popular for the employees. Even if there is a lot of restrictions a lot companies get the training for theirs employees. Almost every of the trainings are for free, so the employers forced theirs inferiors to do it, making Lifelong learning really popular.







One response to “Why is lifelong learning (LLL) so popular in Europe?

  1. Or you could read the the statistics the other way around: while in the US individual people spend without hesitation enormous amounts of money for their education (like our partners from the US for their second university degree) and are highly indepted for that, in Europe the money needs to be allocated publicly to promote and build the widely unknown institution of LLL and to actively MAKE LLL popular?


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