Positive aspects of Lifelong learning (LLL)

Despite the fact that many scientists agree that lifelong learning has a lot of positive aspects, they often focus on the negative effects, which makes it more difficult to find the good ones.

One of the undeniable positive aspects of lifelong learning is the fact, that people are more developed, wise and their knowledge increases. The next good thing for the people who are taking a part in lifelong learning is, that their salary increases after additional steps in the educational ladder. Many scientist argue about the efficiency of the educational places, but at least Lifelong learning creates a lot of new work places. Nobody should see this as a bad thing even though the quality of this educators may sometimes be bad, which would be a different topic to consider. LLL creates rather skills than ideas, which is more useful for the future or current employees.

The example of British schools proved that the children of educated parents, generally have better grades during education and less difficulties with learning. Thanks to lifelong learning they can have easier lives in the future. Another positive side of LLL is, that the people from tougher backgrounds can break into educational system.

The next good thing of LLL is that the diversity of high educated people is growing, which can help people to find a job in general, because they are not only putting focus on developing themselves in one direction.

Lifelong learning changes the mental side of people as well as their physical health – collectively and individual. Like I mentioned before LLL has a big influence one the society especially on health, social cohesion, active citizenship and racial tolerance, parenting and even happiness. If the lifelong learning is well used by society it is possible to diminish inequalities. In general, people are not directly learning about inequality, but they are building stronger links across different segments of society countering the tendencies to fragmentation, where people meet only with others who are like them and share their attitudes and values.



“Globalisation, lifelong learning and learning society” (2007) by Peter Jarvis


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