Overview of COIL Module – Diversity – Spring 2017

  • First, all candidates will individually write a 2-3 page Platform Statement titled “Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners.” The Platform Statement will present a series of assumptions, theories and beliefs about what candidates hold to be possible, true and desirable through their responses to the following questions: (Due Date is December 15, 2016)
    How do teachers provide equity for all students?
    2. How do they differentiate instruction to meet all students’ needs?
    3. How do administrators & teachers demonstrate courage to address social justice issues?
    4. How do they model this in their school (and other) settings?
    5. How do they celebrate success for all students?
    6. What is a brief example from your own experience?
  • Second, members of each group will read the others’ papers and provide feedback about the content, noting specific examples of how educational policies and instructional practices are similar or different in Germany in comparison to the United States. Candidates will share discussions online, and via other connections as deemed desirable by all group members.
    (During December – January)
  • Third, members of each of the six groups will be paired with another group; the resultant larger groups will plan a time when they can have an interactive, synchronous video discussion wherein one or both of the professors can be present to observe and participate as appropriate. (During January – February)
  • The ultimate objective of this assignment, beyond giving all students opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of these topics through varying cultural perspectives, will be for each candidate to contribute his/her completed paper to a BLOG (created by the professors) for public view and comment. (February 2017)

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