Why do Men also need Feminism? Gender Equality instead of Gender Diversity

The discussion about “gender diversity” is often associate with quotas for women and feminism. What I miss in the discussion is the aware inclusion of the men.

We need to keep changing the attitude that congratulates men for changing a diaper, stigmatizes full-time dads, and penalizes working mothers.” (Barack Obama)

As Obama mentioned in an interview, we need more than just gender diversity. We need a fundamental structural change in our society, which appeals not only to women, but also to men.

Men like women are characterized by gender stereotypes and often suffer by them.

I am thinking here, for example, that if a man becomes a father, the company often assume that he continues the work 100%, but for a woman who becomes a mother, it is often normally to seek after part-time solutions and make them possible.

It seems to me very important not to speak of “gender diversity”, but of “gender equality”. In the first place, the aim shouldn`t be an economic goal, as is often the case with gender diversity, but a social and cultural goal in which the human being and his free choices, far from gender stereotypes, are the focus.

It’s important that their dad is a feminist, because now that’s what they expect of all men.” (Barack Obama)

(For the full video: Emma Watson about feminism)

How we can achieve gender equality therefore depends not only on women, but also on the will of men. Barack Obama’s statement is therefore true. It is important that feminism also includes men, because finally, feminism is called “the belief in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes“. Men, which are feminist see women as equitable and equal. If girls and boys are educated by feminists (fahther and mother), they take this life setting as self-evident. In the long term, this can result in a structural change in society (through action).

Even if it appears on the paper, women are not equal in practice to men – and vice versa, men often do not have the same rights as women, as they also suffer from gender stereotypes in certain situations.

So when I call myself a feminist or a man as a feminist, it means for me that both sexes recognize the fact that men and women are not equal yet. Therefore both sexes should question the existing gender stereotypes and react to sexism, whether in the workplace, at school, in the circle of friends or in the media.


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