From Hair to Style – Why dressing correctly makes you more succesful

You are what you wear was once a slogan, who seemed to be quite important. In a manager magazine from 2011 there are tips for women how to dress like a manager between looking feminine and looking serious for the counterpart.

Manager men have it easy. They put on a suit with or without tie and it fits. On the contrary woman also have the possibility to wear a suit but they have the higher variety to dress themselves.

As it is said in the article, women should show their silhouette in a loose and tight way. Less is more. So, wearing not too much colour, showing not too much skin and wearing the right amount of jewelry gives the counterpart the right image of you. If you are not following these rules, especially men can get side-tracked.

It is always important to look what you wear on top and bellow. The more you show on top, the less you should show bellow. For example. If a blouse has a deep décolleté it is recommendable to wear long trousers instead of a short skirt. But if you want to wear a short skirt, provided that you have nice legs, wear a closed blouse without a deep cut-out.

Also important are colours. Red can be dynamic but also aggressive, marine blue can be diplomatic but also boring. Depending on the occasion it is advisable to where the right colour (see more about colours below).


colours to wear

Another important dress code point is quality. If the quality does not fit, a suit or a dress can look “cheep”. It is important to look at good clothes’ quality. Especially buttons can give you an advice of quality.

Finally, and again returning to a topic we have already spoken about, is according to the article the haircut. A proper haircut for the particular job is necessary to be seen serious.

The more possibilities what to wear, the more it seems, as women need to be much more careful than men in their dress code. In the cut and style there are many differences between the sexes but with the colours and the hairstyle men and women need to pay attention in the same way.

So, keep calm and dress appropriately!

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