Hair: A Symbol of Youth?

For lot of people their hair is very important. Especially men suffer from hair loss when they get older. One man who is one of the most discussed persons now, is Donald Trump. Not just for his behaviour, but also for his appearance is he famous. Why does he have still long hair and what symbol does his hair glory have?

There is absolutely no doubt. For a 70-year-old man, Donald Trump has a lot of Hair. There were a lot of discussion, if his hair is real or fake. Now, his long-time physician Dr. Harold N. Bornstein doctor revealed the secret of Donald Trump’s hair.

With his 70 year, Donald Trump is the oldest American President ever. This job needs a lot of nerves and of course a good health. No wonder that he needs help from the medicine to stay fit. According to Dr. Harold N. Bernstein, Donald Trump daily takes a baby Aspirin to avoid an heart attack.

Astonishingly, he also takes a drug called Propecia. This is a famous drug for men who suffer under hair loss. In an interview from Dr. Harold N. Bernstein it is going to be clear, that it is very important for the President to maintain his own shoulder-length locks. But the medicament Propecia has a lot of side effects, which are not at all harmless, like for example a skin eruption or a nettle rash (read more about Propecia:

Before the election, he gave a public performance at the late-night show from Jimmy Fallon, where everybody waited for Jimmy touching the President’s hair. Surprisingly it was no wig, it was all his hair (have a look at the show:

So, the more interesting question now is, why does Donald Trump takes a hair-growth-drug with a lot of side effects just to keep his hair glory? Is hair a symbol for youth, more than just a symbol of attractiveness?

I would argue that he wants to look younger in some kind. So, when there are already a lot of crinkles you cannot get rid of, you need another typical body feature that assumes youth. So, the hair appears to be the perfect mark. I would also claim that his long hair lets him fell attractive and gives him even more self-confidence, also when everybody talks about it.

To finish up, hair seems to play a very important role but it is always useful to trade off the pros against all the cons of having the hair you wish. If there are serious side effects it is worth to calculate the risk and to have doubts about taking them. In the end, I would suppose, that health is always more important and essential, because what is better: sick but attractive or healthy but ugly?






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