Short Hair and conspicuous Hair colour – New Implementation of Women in male-dominated professions?

Even though there is a change in gendered professions, there are still jobs who are rather male- or female-dominated. An Interview with a famous sport moderator, Steffi Buchli opens the discussion if there is any correlation between the hair colour, cut on how accepted women are at a male-dominated workplace.

Steffi Buchli, a famous sport moderator from Zurich, Switzerland, made herself a name in the male-dominated world of moderation. Her hair is very flashy and special and in earlier times she was often called the “cockatoo” because of the red colour and the short cut and the longer top.

Steffi Buchli ist famous for her emancipated and level-headed nature. She is a strong woman and not afraid of telling the truth. Recently, she returned to her job as a sport moderator after being in maternity leave. She was highly criticized and called a “bad mom” because of returning that early and leaving her daughter Karli at a day-care-center.

Surprisingly she always keeps calm and reacts on a very good way: Outgoing and open. And for this she receives a lot of praise from other women.

Back to where we came from, Steffi Buchli claims that her hair colour and the cut helps her to establish herself in the male-dominated job as a sport moderator. As you can read in the blogpost about the influence of hair length on attractiveness and on the job, short hair is often seen as an excessive masculinization. Probably, Steffi Buchli sets a point with that. There is a chance, that her haircut an haircolour influence her male teammates in the way they deal with her. But I would argue that other factors beside her hair have a crucial meaning.

As a Persons who acts in public and needs to deal with a lot of men, Steffi Buchli needed become self-confident. She stopped to be afraid of what she cannot do and did otherwise what she can do.

She absolutely abandons the stereotype of women. To be successful, she believes in her abilities and goes her way. Her hair, I would claim, is just the icing on the cake of her whole action as a strong and self-confident woman.



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