The Office – an Erotic Mine Field?

Although a visible change of stereotypes, affaires in offices still happen and tend to be dangerous and emancipation and gender equality make it to an even more complicated issue. What is behind the amorous mine field “the office” or “the antechamber” and the picture of women as a seductress and driven by instinct?

In the history, it is said that the antechamber of the office used to be place where relationships are generated. Today there are morn shown in television soaps where a boss has his preppy secretary, who luffs her backside and sweetens the boss’ hours of overtime.

In a very interesting book from the Historian Julie Berebitsky called “Sex and the Office” we can see the enduring picture of women as a seductress. When women started to work at the office they were seen as sex objects, as an object of seduction

Berebitsky more reports on secretaries who should be coming to work in long skirts and closed blouses, just to be unspectacular and less charming, so they would not lead the boss into temptation. What a horrible illustration of women, who start their career at an office.

office at night - büro vorzimmer ort sexueller fantasien

Even more scandalizing and shocking seems the fact, that there was a realistic career of women from missy secretary to Mrs. Chief Director called “to sleep her way up to the top”. In gender studies, we would call this nowadays obvious harassment of women even though this still exists.

And Today? The stereotype of secretary changed a lot as nowadays also men work as secretaries. But there are still cases, where men and women try to improve their career by going inconvenient paths. Rumours remain that the phenomena of sleeping one’s way up to the top still exist. This might me correct but as a famous wisdom slogan says: “Never fuck your own company”.

The question today would be more, where do relationships start today when we just concentrate on work and smartphones?



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