This site was modified in early 2017 to allow additional leadership candidates and aspiring teachers to add their essays addressing issues of diversity in today’s schools. In fall 2016, Dr. Linda Rae Markert and Ms. Doreen Bannasch-Grigoleit created a collaboration between a small group of administrative interns at SUNY Oswego and a class of teacher candidates at Universität Potsdam. Teams were created allowing these individuals to discuss strategies regarding how to best meet the needs of diverse students. They were invited to upload their collective essays to this blog site alongside other essays as described below.

The site was initially established to provide a forum for collaborative writing in 2015. Dr. Katja K. Hericks, then Assistant Professor, Sociology of Gender at Universität Potsdam and Dr. Linda Rae Markert, Professor, Educational Administration at the State University of New York (SUNY) Oswego were the original administrators of this site. They aligned their courses to enable graduate students at both institutions to create a series of essays regarding policies, procedures and after-effects of organizational change in our contemporary world. Several of these initial contributors are still adding posts, which is indeed very exciting!


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